Miscellane­ous Misc Pokémon Ruby (Randomized) - Beat the Elite Four Beuchiism Community Race
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Beuchi #8996
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  1. 1st PikminWarrior #0202 more Baller Breloom Finished
  2. 2nd tea_devil #3204 they / them more sometimes you're just great Finished
  3. 3rd rdd #2408 more I hate Skarmory I hate Skarmory I hate Skarmory I hate Skarmory I hate Skarmory I hate Skarmory I hate Skarmory I hate Skarmory Finished
  4. 4th jkreaper122 #5327 he / him more Champion brought the woopy boi to die Finished
  5. 5th Shadowbee #7589 they / them more The game crashed itself so I could go run Nidoking Finished
  6. 6th Pixie #5179 more Would've been nice to find and catch a Bellossom :/ Finished
  7. 7th Bees Louise #4354 she / they more Blissey best egg Finished
  8. 8th Yellow #8237 she / her more FLYGON HORN DRILLED ME FOUR FUCKING TIMES IN A ROW Finished
  9. 9th Wawlconut #3004 more i found the sunstones to evolve sunkern into machamp we did it Finished
  10. 10th ScorpionSRL #8061 he / him more marshtomp to the box so feraligatr could carry my ahh to 4badge to elite4 #SENDHELPISUFFERLIKEABITCH Finished
  11. 11th Rossy__ #8879 he / him more Lugia solo carried me the whole way, thanks Lugia Finished
  12. 12th delphi #6519 he / him more shuppet was a giant mistake Finished
  13. 13th SlushyConcerto #6123 Finished
  14. Beuchi #8996 she / her more what have I done... DNF DNF
  15. Felio #3576 he / him more Lost to myself with tempo. GG, never touching Sunkern ever again DNF DNF
  16. sigro #3478 DNF DNF
  17. Zeeangoo #1621 he / him DNF DNF
17 entrants (4 inactive)