About racetime.gg

racetime.gg is a website for organising races online, with a focus on video games and speedruns. It is based on open-source code written mostly in Python and Django. We run this website as a non-commercial entity, with the goal of improving speedrunning and growing the community.

Brand and logo

If you're looking for a copy of our site logo to use elsewhere, download the brand package here: https://racetime.gg/brand. Please read the guidelines included in the archive when using these assets.

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Privacy and data

Our website is open-source and anyone can see, and contribute to the code. This open philosophy extends to our data as well. We want to be transparent with all our users about how their data is being processed. If you have questions, feel free to get in contact.

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Ownership and funding

This website is owned and operated by racetime.gg limited, a non-profit company registered in England & Wales (company no: 12605863).

We are limited by guarantee, meaning the company has no shareholders. All funds donated to the site via Patreon or other sources will be paid to the company, to be used for the express benefit of the website, its community, and related benefactors.

racetime.gg limited is committed to providing the best place to race online. We welcome input from the community to help shape the company's actions. Supporters can get involved to help make decisions, or simply keep informed of our cunning plans (weasel tails are optional).