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Race results

  1. smart-wallet-7291 OoT OCS3 Race 13 Finished not recorded 41 entrants
    1. 1st MikeKatz45 #5645 more col3 BAed longshot Finished
    2. 2nd Amateseru #4873 more col 2, Sloth is an amazing guy Finished
    3. 3rd Exodus #5327 more col 3 lost 5 mins on one trick Finished
    4. 4th Timato #9319 he / him more row4 - talked to ruto and darunia ;) Finished
    5. 5th AverageGreg #0911 he / him more col3, probably my best performance overall, very happy with this :) Finished
    6. 6th MooseOoT #5740 he / him more col3, really sloppy Finished
    7. 7th xwillmarktheplace #9143 she / her more col3 Finished
    8. 8th scaramanga he / him more col3 Got the thing where you have to do cuccos twice lol Finished
    9. 9th the__consultant #3076 he / him more col3 i got top 10, that's how you know this was broken Finished
    10. 10th dannyb21892 #9229 more col2, sucks to finish the season with my worst placement Finished
    11. 11th FantaTanked #6752 he / him more row4 Finished
    12. 12th Gombill #4761 he / him more add me to the list of players whose shitty ass play was covered by col3 Finished
    13. 13th PhoenixFeather #0512 he / him more probably my best race this OCS season execution-wise, but apparently row 5 was garbage Finished
    14. 14th ArmorySons #1874 more TL-BR Finished
    15. 15th MutantAura #3128 he / him more col3 my brain didnt work in water Finished
    16. 16th superguerrer3 #9779 more tl-br Finished
    17. 17th QuickKiran #6600 he / him more tl-br. was deciding between this and col3. i choose very poorly. play was decent, maybe 3-4 mins of bad mistakes, but row was so much worse Finished
    18. 18th Bou_Frost #9730 more ROW4 ... not fastest, but pretty nice and easy, lost a few minutes in fire Finished
    19. 19th Fenyan #4871 more tlbr, bad row and various mistakes :/ Finished
    20. 20th Xanra #1593 more row4 picked the wrong row Finished
    21. 21st JFM2796 #9524 he / him more row4 good row, good route, bad gameplay Finished
    22. 22nd tob3000 #4205 he / him more row2, apparently a dogshit row, and adult fishing is impossible, actually, not just because im salty Finished
    23. 23rd PhilippeTitou #1325 he / him more tlbr Finished
    24. 24th Runnerguy2489 #0756 more bltr played fine, add this one to the list of shit rows I guess Finished
    25. 25th PsyMarth #8881 he / him more tl-br; 35th try Treasure Box Shop no Lens Finished
    26. 26th MatttInTheHat #9918 more row4 fuck ! Finished
    27. 27th CoffeePot #0207 he / him more tlbr sloth is my hero Finished
    28. 28th shaggy #1594 more col4 child only, finding chests was a struggle Finished
    29. 29th Link11 #5320 he / him more row4 died to bongo twice and 3 resets in fire Finished
    30. 30th Ostrealava02 #4895 more RIGGED Finished
    31. 31st Numberplay #5236 he / him more retiring (r4 btw) Finished
    32. 32nd ederion #1245 more col3. I fucked around way too long in Water temple. Should have just gone with what I know. Still my first sub 2 hour in OCS, so it's fine. Finished
    33. 33rd Nkitten #7741 he / him more row 5, but very slowly :3 / was hoping for my favourite sign destroying goal, but as I expected the beehives returned instead :) Finished
    34. 34th MarshallObob #6270 more col1, sad for the last OCS Finished
    35. 35th keymakr #8783 more TL-BR, missed c3 and played terrible. Fun board tho. gg all, gl to top 16 Finished
    36. 36th Akalster #3542 more Row 4. Damageless fire temple gang B) Finished
    37. 37th Knighty #4612 he / him more col1 Finished
    38. 38th Fleush more col4 ~ all child yes Finished
    39. 39th Trisscorp #9318 more Col1 Finished
    40. neefe #6884 he / him more tried tlbr without knowing a hp dupe = salt DNF
    41. juwk #1061 more row4 lost over 5mins in fire and 4 in water somehow Pepega DQ
  2. smart-medallion-6507 OoT Bingo Finished recorded 6 entrants
    1. 1st MooseOoT #5740 he / him more row2, fire was a disaster lol Finished 17
    2. 2nd AverageGreg #0911 he / him more col4, kinda sloppy Finished 1
    3. 3rd JFM2796 #9524 he / him more row2 choked a broken row at the end Finished 10
    4. 4th MutantAura #3128 he / him more col2 dogshit from start to finish Finished 1
    5. 5th Niamek #6871 more Water temple early trick failed 4 times, shadow trial failed one or two times, disastrous Row 1 Finished 26
    6. Nalle #4098 he / him more bl-tr good row, failed lacs BA lmfao DNF 33
  3. epic-dekubaba-4000 OoT OCS3 Race 10 Finished not recorded 45 entrants
    1. 1st juwk #1061 more missed fire to forest, was planning to action swap for amy and fire arrrows, but then just delayed amy and did action swap in hylia only lul Finished
    2. 2nd scaramanga he / him more had to double dip gtg and messed up my route so that i couldn't fire to forest Finished
    3. 3rd Runnerguy2489 #0756 more Went BiT so I could go adult early and think during cs lol Finished
    4. 4th PhilippeTitou #1325 he / him more Frogs 2 is on the way of the hero Finished
    5. 5th PhoenixFeather #0512 he / him more Did back in time for frogs 2. Seemed pretty bad. Finished
    6. 6th MatttInTheHat #9918 more failed fire to forest, 18 pts before going adult Finished
    7. 7th Fenyan #4871 more was so scared that i went adult too early, but it worked out perfectly in the end Finished
    8. 8th Exodus #5327 more lost 10 minutes to fishing because i forgot how stupid it is Finished
    9. 9th Amateseru #4873 more I'm lost without my fboots now Finished
    10. 10th Timato #9319 he / him more was doing gerudo card then realizing i didn't need the tickets KEKW Finished
    11. 11th Xanra #1593 more started late cause I didn't see timer and was reading lol, didn't get chus so had to watch zl cs, went bit for frogs Finished
    12. 12th Lake_oot #5453 he / him more lost 5 minutes trying to get a fish and didnt even get it lol. very sloppy routing, this challenge was hard to keep track of everything Finished
    13. 13th MooseOoT #5740 he / him more YEP minigames Finished
    14. 14th shaggy #1594 more child only 42/40 points, made some huge routing mistakes Finished
    15. 15th superguerrer3 #9779 more FROGS Finished
    16. 16th neefe #6884 he / him more frog route, had to get lens+magic because I don't own an N64 :^) Finished
    17. 17th AverageGreg #0911 he / him more 17 as child, 23 as adult. awful child routing, lost close to 10mins to failing jungle jump Finished
    18. 18th xwillmarktheplace #9143 she / her more Frogs. Was probably bait, watched every cs in the game on English. Did all of GTG to find out it doesn't work without bow, panicked for 5min, got legit bow and went back. Liked the goal, hated my play Finished
    19. 19th Niamek #6871 more terrific goal. I loved it. Finished
    20. 20th ArmorySons #1874 Finished
    21. 21st Link11 #5320 he / him more frog route, gameplay was garbage Finished
    22. 22nd MutantAura #3128 he / him more cs gauntlet Pog Finished
    23. 23rd PsyMarth #8881 he / him more got trolled by bow meme in gtg, so I ocarina dove for the silver rupees Finished
    24. 24th QuickKiran #6600 he / him more bit without frogs was not the play. seriously underestimated how easy six songs was Finished
    25. 25th CoffeePot #0207 he / him more did not play well Finished
    26. 26th Numberplay #5236 he / him more got baited Finished
    27. 27th tob3000 #4205 he / him more child only, finally got the loach, lost 56 minutes from fishing alone Finished
    28. 28th MarshallObob #6270 more Best OCS so far Finished
    29. 29th Condor #8321 more haven't done adult rba in years, how does it work again? lel Finished
    30. 30th keymakr #8783 more Spent 10 minutes trying to catch 2 hylian loaches that I think were dead Finished
    31. 31st Nkitten #7741 he / him more bit much imo Finished
    32. 32nd Myelin #4803 he / him more lost like 20 minutes to cow in house, I will never understand how to get over that last fence Finished
    33. 33rd haktical #0500 he / him more 21 child 19 adult Finished
    34. 34th linky628 #4894 he / him more froggies Finished
    35. 35th Akalster #3542 more 36 Child, 4 Adult, Frogs, I should learn cutscene skips... Finished
    36. 36th Bou_Frost #9730 more routing and I - the love strory feat. dumb WW crash that costed me like 60min Finished
    37. 37th Knighty #4612 he / him Finished
    38. 38th TheCowness #4859 Finished
    39. 39th MLink #8399 he / him more I had a blast, now let me spend my tickets! Finished
    40. 40th Trisscorp #9318 more The carnival closed before I could get any prizes... Finished
    41. dannyb21892 #9229 more locked out of frogs cuz deleted egg. went for loach instead but adult fishing sucks. feedback: goals with so much information that you HAVE to keep referring back are terrible DNF
    42. FantaTanked #6752 he / him DNF
    43. Laserbeeam #0487 he / him more Forfeit 3 and half hours in because I only 15 of the goals done and I didn't want to play anymore DNF
    44. Ostrealava02 #4895 more fishdicks DNF
    45. the__consultant #3076 he / him more died to volvagia with ba hammer, lol DNF
  4. outrageous-poe-8107 OoT Bingo Finished recorded 5 entrants
    1. 1st Timato #9319 he / him more row1 KEKW Finished 4
    2. 2nd MutantAura #3128 he / him more col2 blue tunic FeelsOkay Finished 26
    3. 3rd AverageGreg #0911 he / him more col2, fell in the river in valley like 3 times ReallyHappy Finished 12
    4. 4th Link11 #5320 he / him more col2 very bad Finished 2,061
    5. 5th JFM2796 #9524 he / him Finished 12
  5. outrageous-link-1573 OoT Bingo Finished not recorded 5 entrants
    1. Timato #9319 he / him more jay eff ehm DNF 3,281
    2. AverageGreg #0911 he / him more jfm sux DNF 2,847
    3. MutantAura #3128 he / him DNF 2,090
    4. Link11 #5320 he / him DNF 2,061
    5. JFM2796 #9524 he / him DQ 2,023
  6. amazing-dinolfos-4357 OoT OCS3 Race 7 Finished not recorded 44 entrants
    1. 1st dannyb21892 #9229 more chus for big poe to skip bow, luckily first try. boat ride was painfully stressful lmao Finished
    2. 2nd juwk #1061 more ice arrows no epona Finished
    3. 3rd Exodus #5327 more boat ride was monkaS Finished
    4. 4th tob3000 #4205 he / him more got ice arrows and epona for big poe, lost 8 min compared to first try boat challenge Finished
    5. 5th Lake_oot #5453 he / him more Best placing so far! Everything but shieldless gate clip went pretty well, fun challenge. Finished
    6. 6th FantaTanked #6752 he / him more forgot I can't blank ocs, my bad Finished
    7. 7th Runnerguy2489 #0756 more Enemy RNG NotLikeThis Finished
    8. 8th Numberplay #5236 he / him more failed ritual once, the rest was decent Finished
    9. 9th AverageGreg #0911 he / him more pretty fun, wish i knew how to fence clip without a shield though, NL came in clutch Finished
    10. 10th superguerrer3 #9779 more fuck nayrus love timing Finished
    11. 11th ArmorySons #1874 more dampe redeads took me like 5 mins lmao. boat ride was cancer, but otherwise fun goal overall Finished
    12. 12th Xanra #1593 more lost 5th place to not knowing how to spawn big poes without epona, and turns out nayrus love protects you from voiding >.< Finished
    13. 13th PsyMarth #8881 he / him more lost 15+ min on boat, worse than glass ganon imo Finished
    14. 14th PhilippeTitou #1325 he / him more 6 trips shadow Finished
    15. 15th MutantAura #3128 he / him more hmmmmmm Finished
    16. 16th scaramanga he / him Finished
    17. 17th QuickKiran #6600 he / him more spent 20+ minutes in Shadow Temple :( Finished
    18. 18th Link11 #5320 he / him more interesting goal, second try boat Finished
    19. 19th MatttInTheHat #9918 more first try boat, took 8 years to get a big poe unlucky Finished
    20. 20th JFM2796 #9524 he / him more Lost a lot of time in Shadow Finished
    21. 21st Phlo #1879 she / her more Everything was going smoothly until the big poe Finished
    22. 22nd Fenyan #4871 more thought you lose a heart when you void with NL, took 18 more minutes to finish after cause I was too mad to function Finished
    23. 23rd xwillmarktheplace #9143 she / her more was on good pace after the collection part, but then the 29-minute shitshow in shadow commenced. Finished
    24. 24th MooseOoT #5740 he / him more the boat got me lol Finished
    25. 25th Nalle #4098 he / him more rba'd away my hookshot and had to learn big poe chu strats xD Finished
    26. 26th Nkitten #7741 he / him more didn't play great.. for everyone that readies up past starting time, let's add the amount they were late to their final time :) Finished
    27. 27th Bou_Frost #9730 more nayrus love strat was pretty shit, not gonna lie ... Finished
    28. 28th ederion #1245 more About 3.6 iron boots. Not great, not terrible. Got bow, rba:d red potion, stole Epona. I've had enough of boats for tonight. Finished
    29. 29th neefe #6884 he / him more well I learned that some fairies can't be caught in bottles, very cool Finished
    30. 30th Gombill #4761 he / him more entered shadow at around 1:32 Finished
    31. 31st linky628 #4894 he / him more fuck your boat Finished
    32. 32nd CoffeePot #0207 he / him more NL plus back of boat strat, probably tenth try boat Finished
    33. 33rd keymakr #8783 more 5th try boat i think? May have watched a few cutscenes I didn't need to LUL Finished
    34. 34th MarshallObob #6270 more "Stay Poedrated" Finished
    35. 35th Akalster #3542 more Famous last words: I don't know what even does a quarter heart of damage, i'll just die before attempting the boat. Finished
    36. 36th Knighty #4612 he / him Finished
    37. 37th Figure8 #4401 he / him more the last run of the boat i was clenchedddddddddd Finished
    38. 38th shaggy #1594 more Learned Dampe's grave as child Finished
    39. 39th Trisscorp #9318 more Messy brain make messy race Finished
    40. haktical #0500 he / him more spent 13 minutes failing actor glitch and I'm too mad to continue DNF
    41. Niamek #6871 more forgot Phantom Ganon.LUL Don't feel like redoing everything. DNF
    42. the__consultant #3076 he / him more unequipped bombs :) DNF
    43. TheCowness #4859 more another goal that's not fun if you suck at the game DNF
    44. Timato #9319 he / him more n64 reseted on me and i lost way too much time to come back DNF
  7. wonderful-sapphire-4499 OoT Bingo Finished recorded 5 entrants
    1. 1st Timato #9319 he / him more row2 Finished 14
    2. 2nd AverageGreg #0911 he / him more col2, comfy row Finished 11
    3. 3rd juwk #1061 Finished 26
    4. 4th Link11 #5320 he / him more col2 not bad for my first bingo in a month Finished 6
    5. 5th MutantAura #3128 he / him Finished 13
  8. clumsy-requiem-1067 OoT OCS3 Race 2 Finished not recorded 52 entrants
    1. 1st Amateseru #4873 more reset at dampé, DMT, x3 forest, IC and GTG Finished
    2. 2nd juwk #1061 Finished
    3. 3rd Runnerguy2489 #0756 more 0 damage resets, was pretty safe overall Finished
    4. 4th Ostrealava02 #4895 more CarlSmile Finished
    5. 5th Exodus #5327 more ReallyHappy Finished
    6. 6th ArmorySons #1874 more 6 resets in GTG, 1 in ice cavern, a handful in other places. Pretty good overall Finished
    7. 7th PsyMarth #8881 he / him more deaths: 1 sfm, 1 forest, 4 ic (1 freezard, 1 keese, 2 icicles), 3 gtg (1 dinolfos, 1 maze timer, 1 wolfos) Finished
    8. 8th PhilippeTitou #1325 he / him more 2 serenade cs Finished
    9. 9th Bou_Frost #9730 more fun challenge. i thought gtg would be worse, but ice was the breaker here. i had fun this time Finished
    10. 10th Numberplay #5236 he / him more too many resets. most in gtg. got ZL for no reason Finished
    11. 11th Gombill #4761 he / him more not a fan of this challenge. going to estimate i reset 25 times. no major routing mistakes though Finished
    12. 12th DylanMeeble #9138 he / him more Realized I didn't need to actually get Ice Arrows as I was going in to GTG lol Finished
    13. 13th MatttInTheHat #9918 more double dip gtg really happy Finished
    14. 14th superguerrer3 #9779 more MingLee Finished
    15. 15th xwillmarktheplace #9143 she / her more Skipped ocarina at the start, went back from BotW to get it for the dive. Got bow before Irons. Needed around 20 tries for GTG Stalfos ReallyHappy Finished
    16. 16th scaramanga he / him Finished
    17. 17th MooseOoT #5740 he / him more vastly underestimated what was needed for gtg, had to go and get bombs bow and hovers lol Finished
    18. 18th shaggy #1594 more I tried really hard to skip bow, couldn't do it Finished
    19. 19th CoffeePot #0207 he / him more played it safe overall, two trip gtg because bow Finished
    20. 20th the__consultant #3076 he / him more wasted like 30 mins in botw due to actor glitch and not playing it safe Finished
    21. 21st Fleush more One pointless trip to Ganon's Castle cause my smart ass thought strength would be able to replace bow. Finished
    22. 22nd MutantAura #3128 he / him more Wait its all deaths? Always has been... Finished
    23. 23rd MikeKatz45 #5645 more skipped bottle as child so had to do back in time (have to watch all cutscenes. I also go golden gauntlets for some reason lolololol)) Finished
    24. 24th FantaTanked #6752 he / him more don't forget explosives... Finished
    25. 25th Menou #8446 more stayed 35 minutes as child for forest escape + Lens. Lal. Finished
    26. 26th tob3000 #4205 he / him more plan didnt work out Finished
    27. 27th QuickKiran #6600 he / him more Fuck ocs, fuck sloth, fuck nintendo, fuck alan turing and fuck you. Is that the salt you wanted you partially digested bit of carrot stuck in a dog turd??? Finished
    28. 28th Timato #9319 he / him more was going well until i realized after 30mins i needed bow in gtg Finished
    29. 29th linky628 #4894 he / him more forest and gtg were trainwrecks but everything else was pretty solid for me, fun challenge Finished
    30. 30th Sorokya #9241 more forgot bow, ic was hard. reset at forest like 4 or 5 times. Finished
    31. 31st Niamek #6871 more had some ups, had some downs. Finished
    32. 32nd Xanra #1593 more forgot explosives so had to get 10 adult skulls for carpet chus, then get bombs, then go to gtg to realize I need bow, really shit, but challenge was cool Finished
    33. 33rd Nkitten #7741 he / him more Took over 40 minutes learning some strat to enter Shadow. reallyhappy :) Finished
    34. 34th Link11 #5320 he / him more didn't realize bow was needed until an hour in, died countless times in ic and gtg, 3 times in botw, 1 in sfm, 1 in forest Finished
    35. 35th Myelin #4803 he / him more thank god it wasnt beat ganon, two trip gtg cause needed bow, two trip forest cause needed bombs Finished
    36. 36th Fenyan #4871 more not a fan of no damage challenges. not a fan of forced boots challenges. not a fan of "go there and see what you need, then route" challenges. Finished
    37. 37th Akalster #3542 more Only cool guys go to Fire Temple to get the hammer to then realize that the door at the top of the bow room in gtg stays open if you reset B) Finished
    38. 38th Trisscorp #9318 more Reset atleast 20 times to Dynalfos. Shield does nothing! Finished
    39. 39th Knighty #4612 he / him more Same as last race, I couldn't get bow because of no bombs or bracelet and had to go back in time. I'll learn my lesson someday. Finished
    40. dannyb21892 #9229 more played well, except im a fucking idiot who autoselects JP DNF
    41. ederion #1245 more All actually went pretty well, except I never got chus. The only reset in ice was jumping into the abyss like a boss. Too hungry to continue. DNF
    42. gc_one #5889 he / him more forgot the bow cause i didn't know that was required UGH DNF
    43. haktical #0500 he / him DNF
    44. Jake Wright #7039 he / him more ruined it by not getting botw chus for some reason. cool challenge DNF
    45. keymakr #8783 more saved after taking damage and didnt realize, dont feel like watching all those cutscenes again. glhf all DNF
    46. Lake_oot #5453 he / him more didnt get bottle DNF
    47. mkbgnr #8458 he / him more good challenge. don't have time to finish. voided 4 times at dot skip DNF
    48. TheCowness #4859 more Don't have nearly enough time to finish this. I'm incapable of playing video games without taking damage. DNF
    49. Woli #1930 he / him DNF
    50. JFM2796 #9524 he / him more got gold gaunts from GC for no reason DQ
    51. homerfunky #9088 more Many mistakes, but proud of finishing this challenge ! 2 unsued keys DQ
    52. MarshallObob #6270 DQ
  9. fortunate-nabooru-0447 OoT OoT 22nd Anniversary Challenge Race Finished not recorded 31 entrants
    1. 1st tob3000 #4205 he / him more skipped gtg, spirit and ganons castle Finished
    2. 2nd Exodus #5327 more happy birthday oot Finished
    3. 3rd FantaTanked #6752 he / him more skipped spirit, gtg, botw, ganons Finished
    4. 4th ArmorySons #1874 more skipped water, spirit, gtg, and ganon's castle Finished
    5. 5th PhilippeTitou #1325 he / him more sir dips a lot Finished
    6. 6th juwk #1061 more any im feeling lucky gamers? Finished
    7. 7th Amateseru #4873 more took me more than 1h to be done with my routing Finished
    8. 8th Ostrealava02 #4895 more I didnt lost hookshot this time Finished
    9. 9th Nkitten #7741 he / him more great (and scary) challenge, should've given the 15 minutes of delay for routing :3 - skipped jabu, spirit, gtg, ganon Finished
    10. 10th Lake_oot #5453 he / him more little fumble towards the end but went pretty well overall Finished
    11. 11th moosecrap #5248 more i think this was my favorite oot challenge yet, skip jabu water spirit gtg ganon https://long-cat.net/images/catch%2022.PNG Finished
    12. 12th Fenyan #4871 more Amazing challenge, i freaked myself out too much on routing though. skipped jabu and ganons Finished
    13. 13th QuickKiran #6600 he / him more Really enjoyed this. Didn't worry too much about routing. Skipped GTG and Water Finished
    14. 14th Numberplay #5236 he / him more had to reroute after wasting too much chus on spirit hover Finished
    15. 15th PsyMarth #8881 he / him more child only; messed up options in shadow and had to reroute Finished
    16. 16th xwillmarktheplace #9143 she / her more Skipped Spirit and Ganons. Stood around for half of the run just clicking through the tool lmao, execution was non-existent. Fun challenge but my brain is dead. Finished
    17. 17th Fleush more gg le glish Finished
    18. 18th the__consultant #3076 he / him more wasted 30 mins in botw as child for nothing since i got 7 small chests and it didn't add up - downhill from there Finished
    19. 19th ClaireLynnD #3508 more I'm a Pepega Finished
    20. 20th Link11 #5320 he / him more Pepega routing, worst gameplay of my life Finished
    21. 21st Timato #9319 he / him more what a fucking experience Finished
    22. 22nd linky628 #4894 he / him more 22nd place on the 22nd anniversary, nice. Intimidating goal but fun Finished
    23. 23rd West0pher #1532 he / him more skipped ganon's and water Finished
    24. 24th MutantAura #3128 he / him more pixelshot my asshole next time Finished
    25. 25th shaggy #1594 more child only, struggled a lot with routing this Finished
    26. 26th Phlo #1879 she / her more What a (fun) disaster. Skipped Jabu, water, ganon's. Did trade quest but never used ZL, hovered up to the skulltulas in fire temple KEKW Finished
    27. 27th CoffeePot #0207 he / him more fun race screwed ourselves pretty bad late, had to do dumb stuff to recover. ty for race! Finished
    28. Baal #7370 more took me too much time to plan lol DNF
    29. Laserbeeam #0487 he / him more after 3 hours I realized I had messed up my routig DNF
    30. MikeKatz45 #5645 more a strat I took for granted didnt work lol DNF
    31. Sorokya #9241 more should have routed earlier on haha DNF
  10. witty-rupee-9739 OoT OCS3 Race 1 Finished not recorded 56 entrants
    1. 1st juwk #1061 more lacs ba for longshot lacsKEK'nt ? Finished
    2. 2nd Amateseru #4873 more missed shadow cs ski and no jungle jump + shits in GF Finished
    3. 3rd tob3000 #4205 he / him more ba longshot, forgot how to shadow medallion cs skip, also lost a minute in the windmill by being dumb Finished
    4. 4th PhoenixFeather #0512 he / him Finished
    5. 5th Timato #9319 he / him more gold skulltula hookshot jump is the worst trick ever Finished
    6. 6th Jake Wright #7039 he / him more huge routing mistakes, played pretty well actually. ran out of magic at windmill by using NL before arrows KEKW Finished
    7. 7th Xanra #1593 more cool first race, had to watch lacs and shadow cs cause I'm Pepega Finished
    8. 8th PhilippeTitou #1325 he / him more col4 Finished
    9. 9th dannyb21892 #9229 more had 7th place and the whole time i didnt read that it needed to be the TOP window lol, just said window. so now im 10th and salty Finished
    10. 10th Fig #4783 Finished
    11. 11th shaggy #1594 more lacs ba for longshot was probably a bad idea on english Finished
    12. 12th Runnerguy2489 #0756 more This race EXPOSED me for the boomer I am Finished
    13. 13th scaramanga he / him more decent and safe route, sloppy Finished
    14. 14th xwillmarktheplace #9143 she / her more token delay for fire arrows. was a little slow in places but fine overall Finished
    15. 15th Fenyan #4871 more fun goal, love having a lot of options :) Finished
    16. 16th FantaTanked #6752 he / him more shadow temple is apparently hard Finished
    17. 17th Numberplay #5236 he / him more lacs ba for longshot Finished
    18. 18th ArmorySons #1874 Finished
    19. 19th MatttInTheHat #9918 more took a ride on the boat :) Finished
    20. 20th Fleush more French LACS is a Pog. Finished
    21. 21st AverageGreg #0911 he / him more fun goal but played like shit Finished
    22. 22nd Phlo #1879 she / her Finished
    23. 23rd Link11 #5320 he / him more cool goal, died to dark link twice and failed fire arrow hover once Finished
    24. 24th JFM2796 #9524 he / him Finished
    25. 25th Lake_oot #5453 he / him more wasted 10 minutes trying to do jungle jump and apparently didnt understand the challenge for the entire time either, was fun either way Finished
    26. 26th QuickKiran #6600 he / him more rusty as hell but at least i explored enough as a casual to get into windmill. no jungle jump, fire/ice, real longshot Finished
    27. 27th MutantAura #3128 he / him more had to beat water and watch cs for fire arrows lmaooo Finished
    28. 28th CoffeePot #0207 he / him more fun race played bad Finished
    29. 29th Gombill #4761 he / him more BA Longshot, lost 20 minutes on bongo bongo, good challenge Finished
    30. 30th superguerrer3 #9779 more shot dat sun with ice arrow Finished
    31. 31st Nalle #4098 he / him more really good pace until I ran out of bombs in forest Finished
    32. 32nd keymakr #8783 more Boomer strats only LUL Finished
    33. 33rd the__consultant #3076 he / him more streaming off of hotspot tilted me good Finished
    34. 34th linky628 #4894 he / him more had some bad gameplay and a pretty simple route, but had fun Finished
    35. 35th Menou #8446 more I've laughed so hard during this OCS Finished
    36. 36th Nkitten #7741 he / him more only the safest of strats :3 Finished
    37. 37th Baal #7370 more so many bad decisions... Finished
    38. 38th moosecrap #5248 more fun goal but man i am slow Finished
    39. 39th neefe #6884 he / him more jungle jump? bottle adventure? cmon fellas i'm just tryna grill Finished
    40. 40th Myelin #4803 he / him more I forgot to put on iron boots at the top of the windmill twice Finished
    41. 41st ederion #1245 more Stupid child mistakes as usual (enter BotW and Town), but went overall pretty much as expected. Should have been about 15 minutes quicker. Finished
    42. 42nd Bou_Frost #9730 more lost 7min due to n64 crash, lost another like 10min due to internet problem solving ... and played like crap ... but really nice challenge, liked it^^ Finished
    43. 43rd Sorokya #9241 more that was a lot of fun Finished
    44. 44th gc_one #5889 he / him more wrong window Kappa Finished
    45. 45th haktical #0500 he / him Finished
    46. 46th dotzo #7400 more low-grav bois Finished
    47. 47th Trisscorp #9318 Finished
    48. 48th Akalster #3542 more Did my first weirdshot to get ice arrows Pog Finished
    49. 49th TheCowness #4859 more Lost 20 in to kak river quickdraw RBA, 20 min to bomb quickdraw RBA, 40 min fishing rod RBA, 20 min finishing the run without RBA Finished
    50. 50th Knighty #4612 he / him more I could have done this faster glitchless Finished
    51. 51st PsyMarth #8881 he / him more We as a team promise that the actual challenges start slower and more beginner friendly then this one. Finished
    52. MooseOoT #5740 he / him more cool goal but failing jungle jump for 10 minutes was too much for me lol DNF
    53. MrMario7788 #4876 he / him more failed jungle jump for the past 30 min DNF
    54. Ostrealava02 #4895 more lose my hookshot with rba OneHand DNF
    55. MarshallObob #6270 more Last time I played this game were for the OCS season 2 8 (reverse bingo), when I saw that OCS is back, I HAD TO DO IT, and oh man I am so happy right now, OCSBOI DQ
    56. homerfunky #9088 DQ