Current races

  1. No current races in this category.

Past races

  1. fearless-moon-1381 HD Console Any% with Boosters (Slots) Finished not recorded 2 entrants
  2. snug-crusher-1282 No Major Glitches Finished awaiting record 10 entrants FF7 for St. Jude #5
  3. mysterious-red-4798 Any% Finished awaiting record 4 entrants booster %
  4. gnarly-waluigi-2626 No Major Glitches Finished recorded 9 entrants The NMS Showdown!!!
  5. overpowered-diddy-0374 No Slots Finished awaiting record 2 entrants Good luck and have fun!
  6. disco-bayonetta-6930 No Slots Finished recorded 9 entrants June 25 St. Jude Charity Race
  7. swag-knuckles-6397 Any% Finished recorded 7 entrants
  8. overpowered-sun-6034 Any% Finished recorded 5 entrants
  9. zany-wiggler-5705 Any% Finished recorded 5 entrants
  10. jolly-star-2694 No Slots Finished recorded 13 entrants No Slots for St. Jude #3