Current races

  1. No current races in this category.

Past races

  1. vanilla-fivehit-8940 Pokemon White 2 Randomizer Finished not recorded 53 entrants Start on Name select Screen, end when HOF shows up.
  2. odd-runetunes-5426 Paper Mario - 5 Golden Pigs Finished recorded 141 entrants
  3. foolish-pie-6660 Ocarina of Time Randomizer Co-Op Finished not recorded 104 entrants ZOOTR Weekly Rules + No King Zora Skip https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1005190870099832843/1008870573402771547/OoTR_DW6.zpf
  4. sublime-stonks-2439 TMNT: Turtles In Time Finished not recorded 114 entrants Any% - 1P1C
  5. amazing-mamgar-2088 Celeste Finished not recorded 77 entrants Any%
  6. famous-momam-9601 Yoshi's Story Finished not recorded 108 entrants Any%
  7. brave-rentalrando-3811 Super Mario 64 Finished not recorded 66 entrants 120 Star
  8. mini-calliou-3459 Hook (SNES) Finished not recorded 94 entrants Beat the Game
  9. artful-latenight-4509 Pokemon Crystal Randomizer Beat the Elite 4 Finished not recorded 19 entrants lol
  10. scruffy-bigkid-1198 Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories 5 Card Mod Finished not recorded 55 entrants you get 5 cards. time starts on new game and ends on the you win screen after nitemare.