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  1. crafty-minotaur-5134 N64Mania San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing USA Finished not recorded 11 entrants
    2. 2nd shoehorse #0163 he / him more Mayongo. Finished
    3. 3rd BMac_Attack_64 #4829 he / him more This is not a bad game. Finished
    4. 4th riocoys #8957 Finished
    5. 5th poptart_cat #2549 more it's like if new york was a tank, who was a mister saturn, who was an amongus pointing Finished
    6. 6th TossedFish #4610 more What a miserable experience. Worse than mango flavored mayo. Finished
    7. 7th Giga #0889 he / him more The All Dressed flavour is not a creation of God Finished
    8. 8th Niamek #6871 more This was an adventure. Had more fun than I thought. Finished
    9. 9th Remnant #3181 more This week, our crew describes clouds, debates the existence of a freestyle condiment machine, and gets a pizza delivered to jail. Finished
    10. 10th tapioca #6986 more Spock's Pizza - At Folsom Prison Finished
    11. 11th sp0ck1 #7823 more I was late to the race because they arrested my pizza. Also, "It's A Pandora's Box of Mayonnaise" Finished
  2. zany-sciencetube-1933 N64Mania Penny Racers Finished not recorded 6 entrants
    1. 1st shoehorse #0163 he / him more honk! Finished
    2. 2nd Giga #0889 he / him more @Clyde tell me the best car build for Penny Racers N64 Finished
    3. 3rd Remnant #3181 more Fun game... once it allows you to customize your car Finished
    4. 4th poptart_cat #2549 more surely this was the last terrible racing game on the list, right? .....right? Finished
    5. 5th TossedFish #4610 more Please stop flipping, I beg of you game. Me and my dump truck just want to play the video game. Finished
    6. Niamek #6871 DNF
  3. frantic-madjack-3552 DK64R Item Randomizer Finished not recorded 4 entrants
    1. 1st Spike #7996 he / him Finished
    2. 2nd Niamek #6871 Finished
    3. Kamerson #6793 he / him DNF
    4. UmedMuzl #9642 DNF
  4. dizzy-pretzel-4889 N64Mania Wipeout 64 Finished not recorded 8 entrants
    1. 1st Niamek #6871 more Time trial is surprisingly fun. Finished
    2. 2nd poptart_cat #2549 more We race. We die. There is no beauty anymore. Finished
    3. 3rd TossedFish #4610 more Bad Luck! No Reward! Finished
    4. 4th Remnant #3181 more Mapping all the walls with my face Finished
    5. 5th shoehorse #0163 he / him more Wipeout: I expect perfection; nothing less will suffice. / Me: Okay, here's my perfect lap! / Wipeout: Well done, child. I shall reward you with a bronze medal. / Me: ... Finished
    6. 6th sp0ck1 #7823 more So when we stood beneath the burning sun of Nevada all those years ago and demonstrated our anti-gravity system to an astonished world, I realized that life on the planet would never be the same again Finished
    7. 7th Synii #6419 more 15-20 minutes to beat race mode. 3.5 hours to beat time trial. 3 AND A HALF HOURS! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH Finished
    8. JT_Mad #3027 more i cant believe how unlucky i am i litweally wiuld have ogt the wortld rewcord in this game its ibnbelieveaBLE IM SO SKILLED BUT NJO ONE IS AS UNLICKY AS ME DNF
  5. perfect-megaman-8806 DKC3 103% Finished awaiting record 6 entrants
    1. 1st Niamek #6871 more Kinda good run. Thank for participating! Finished 1,836
    2. 2nd Altermentality #7078 she / her more Panic! At The Pot Hole Finished n/a
    3. 3rd Eufy #8540 more First time Rocket Rush was pretty nuts. GGs!! Finished n/a
    4. 4th TossedFish #4610 more Razer Ridge destroyed me. Finished n/a
    5. Giga #0889 he / him more Got the 69% before I stopped so that's something DNF n/a
    6. ScienceBall #2125 he / they more After a bit under 7 hours, I got to 53%, and then I decided I wanted to stop playing for today. DNF n/a
  6. bonus-chocobo-8920 Misc Super Mario Bros 2 : All levels, Any version Finished not recorded 4 entrants
    1. 1st Yardo #1196 more Managed to one-shot every world (with a couple intentional game overs) Finished
    2. 2nd Niamek #6871 more Last life, last extra continue, last health, on NES version. Finished
    3. 3rd ScienceBall #2125 he / they more My first time finishing this game. No game overs. Had failed to finish when I played before, so I'm proud to beat it now. Finished
    4. v_aasu #1408 they / them more Fun race! I got to world 6 DNF
  7. bonus-callie-1179 SM64 70 star Finished recorded 7 entrants
    1. 1st Niamek #6871 more Rusty run, rust shown. Finished 725
    2. 2nd v_aasu #1408 they / them more My first 70 star speedrun ever! Finished 1,025
    3. 3rd Muk1000 #5023 Finished 775
    4. 4th Dovei #9246 they / them more Rusty AF (\ ° ◇°/) Finished 519
    5. 5th Eufy #8540 more much faster than 120 star... Finished 237
    6. 6th ScienceBall #2125 he / they more My first 70 star speedrun/race, and I didn't practise for this. I'm happy with how I did. Finished 111
    7. TiroSavagale #3168 DNF 680
  8. snug-battletoad-5154 DKC3 Any% Finished awaiting record 9 entrants
    1. 1st Niamek #6871 Finished n/a
    2. 2nd Altermentality #7078 she / her more Fun race!! Water levels really did me in. Still happy to be alterm1Two Finished n/a
    3. 3rd Planeswater #6664 he / they more Barbos is my mortal enemy Finished n/a
    4. 4th Eufy #8540 Finished n/a
    5. 5th King of Brawl #2891 Finished n/a
    6. 6th Theodore Vellum #6437 Finished n/a
    7. 7th doctortimewarp #1470 Finished n/a
    8. 8th v_aasu #1408 they / them more Taking a dinner break to have spaghetti was a good call. Finished n/a
    9. 9th ScienceBall #2125 he / they Finished n/a
  9. gorgeous-glover-5873 N64Mania Off Road Challenge Finished not recorded 10 entrants
    1. 1st doctortimewarp #1470 more El Paso reminded me of Sarge's Heroes Finished
    2. 2nd Synii #6419 more Morale of this game: Don't be poor. Makes the 4th cup really hard Finished
    3. 3rd BMac_Attack_64 #4829 he / him more Ugly Start! Finished
    4. 4th tapioca #6986 more You know you're from Shelbyville when you try to jump over the train but still get owned because a computer drove straight into it. Finished
    5. 5th Remnant #3181 more Robbing Peter to pay Paul: The video game Finished
    6. 6th poptart_cat #2549 more the red baron is still alive, he lives in el paso and hates off road trucks Finished
    7. 7th JP_NASA #7498 he / him more Whoever made the snow level should get every penny the person who made beach level earned during the creation of this game Finished
    8. 8th riocoys #8957 more On the scale of Monster Truck Madness to Cruis'n, this is a Ridge Racer Finished
    9. Niamek #6871 more same time on same track, different chance of beating AI, great game. DNF
    10. sp0ck1 #7823 more It's a real race DNF
  10. gentle-porkboarding-0444 N64Mania Cruis'n World Finished not recorded 13 entrants
    1. 1st Niamek #6871 Finished
    2. 2nd shoehorse #0163 he / him more On the moon you always face the earth Finished
    3. 3rd pieper #8160 Finished
    4. 4th BMac_Attack_64 #4829 he / him more Trees on the moon? Finished
    5. 5th Allyoucaneat #5549 he / him Finished
    6. 6th tapioca #6986 more Shoutouts to Eric L. Pribyl, inventor of the Coke freestyle machine. I'm sorry I doubted your existence Finished
    7. 7th JP_NASA #7498 he / him more Eric Pribyl is the GOAT Finished
    8. 8th Synii #6419 more You've got the speed! You've got the power! To CRUUUUUUUUUISE the world! Finished
    9. 9th doctortimewarp #1470 more naming my kid Xion Finished
    10. 10th poptart_cat #2549 Finished
    11. 11th Remnant #3181 more TFW you're laughing too hard at patents to game at racing Finished
    12. 12th riocoys #8957 Finished
    13. 13th sp0ck1 #7823 more Cruise Freestyle Finished