Current races

  1. No current races in this category.

Past races

  1. artful-falco-0466 Race Settings Finished awaiting record 12 entrants Weekly Race! Starts ca. 3:30pm EDT, Seed: http://bombch.us/DPqt Hash: Yellow Egg, Golden Kinstone, Butterfly, Earth Element, Graveyard Key _ Boomerang, Red Octo. Restream on ZSR_3
  2. dazzling-overworld-1356 Race Settings + Glitches Allowed + Plentiful + AD Finished not recorded 2 entrants
  3. vanilla-togepi-0876 Race Settings Finished recorded 7 entrants Seed: http://bombch.us/DPoS - Mirror Shield, Sandwich, Mitts, Butterfly, Compass _ Boomerang Octo
  4. clumsy-glitch-0204 Pictionary Coop (Race Settings) Finished not recorded 8 entrants Variety Settings Race! Starts 2pm EDT, Seed: http://bombch.us/DPmv Hash: Wind Element, Boomerang, Gust Jar, Blue Kinstone, Ocarina _ Butterfly, Skull Restream on ZSR_4
  5. speedy-noob-5770 Casual Race: Tourney Settings + Keysanity + Damaging Items Finished not recorded 6 entrants
  6. sublime-ness-9582 Race Settings Finished recorded 4 entrants Weekly Race! Starts at 2 pm EDT. Seed: http://bombch.us/DPjA ; Hash: Graveyard Key, Bow, Gust Jar, Shell, Farore’s Pearl – Butterfly, Skull. Restream on ZSR_3.
  7. jolly-incineroar-3745 Race Settings Finished recorded 4 entrants The first episode of the non-official casual weekly. Seed: http://bombch.us/DPit Hash: Sword, Mitts, Remotes, Egg, Bag
  8. swag-cutscene-7219 Race Settings + Ped Items + Damaging Items Finished not recorded 5 entrants Bomb NayruPearl BlueOcto Boomerang Ocarina _ Ocarina Egg
  9. innocent-cloud-2712 Race Settings + Obscure Spots + Keysanity Finished not recorded 6 entrants TMCR Casual Weekly - Starts 18 UTC Seed: http://bombch.us/DPhS - Shield, Cape, Golden Cuccoo, Magic Boomerang, Brioche, Bow, Butterfly
  10. magnificent-starfox-8260 Race Settings Finished recorded 8 entrants http://bombch.us/DPg2 Hash: Fire Element, Blue Sword, Red Book, Green Egg, Compass _ Butterfly, Skull