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Race results

  1. epic-talon-1025 OoTR Standard Ruleset Finished recorded 60 entrants
    1. 1st Goomba #5087 he / him more just go to the progression or whatever i guess idk Finished 44
    2. 2nd MrMario7788 #4876 he / him more that was something Finished 37
    3. 3rd PinkKittyRose #1421 more An executional disaster, but monkey-cheesed a decent route! Finished 37
    4. 4th emosoda they / them more small mistakes all over the place Finished 35
    5. 5th Flouflouche #1934 he / him Finished 32
    6. 6th Icola #8220 Finished 42
    7. 7th Jamo #6380 he / him Finished 262
    8. 8th Yoshizor #4830 he / him Finished 123
    9. 9th rockchalk #3494 he / him Finished 26
    10. 10th Sage #3585 he / him more Coulda been worse, I guess... Finished 125
    11. 11th Cuphat #2212 he / him Finished 24
    12. 12th dotzo #7400 Finished 18
    13. 13th YoshiKyon #6871 she / her more wine makes for bad execution but amazing decisions KEKW Finished 89
    14. 14th Scorpion__Max #8873 he / him Finished 1,375
    15. 15th kryal #0888 he / him more spent half an hour dicking around in the desert LUL Finished 51
    16. 16th RoskaTyrant #7869 he / him Finished 23
    17. 17th FcS35 #2882 he / him more please remove KZ skip Finished 53
    18. 18th Zunguri #3239 more Nice Hookshot when I had 28 skulls lol Finished 151
    19. 19th VidyaJames he / him more Boy am I glad that he’s frozen in there and that we’re out here and that he’s sheriff and that we’re frozen out here and we’re in there and I just remembered we’re out here. Finished 41
    20. 20th Rahylia #4212 she / her Finished 45
    21. 21st ACreativeUsername #3795 he / him more Who needs Skulls Kids? Finished 18
    22. 22nd LiamSixx #5477 he / him Finished 7
    23. 23rd Zemoo #4988 Finished 10
    24. 24th roguecopter #2546 he / him Finished 27
    25. 25th DecoyTroy #5137 he / him more Made some really dumb movement mistakes and died to Twinrova :( Finished 124
    26. 26th Willx48 #3322 he / him Finished 5
    27. 27th Linkcoeur #8025 Finished 191
    28. 28th LeviBelvedere #9247 he / him more Must try harder Finished 10
    29. 29th incoherent #6156 he / him more imagine not getting the fortress woth Finished 7
    30. 30th DeadlyThunder #9617 she / her more Hello Hovers my old fre(enemy) Finished 19
    31. 31st Stuck_man #6906 he / him Finished 10
    32. 32nd Linkpon #8526 he / him Finished 14
    33. 33rd Markars #9224 Finished 73
    34. 34th Volwrath #6265 he / him Finished 96
    35. 35th BrotinderDose he / him more XD Finished 6
    36. 36th TheOtherNate #8907 Finished 41
    37. 37th CesarMartins12 #1994 he / him Finished 24
    38. 38th Linael #4560 he / him Finished 372
    39. 39th papnoche #0509 he / him Finished 317
    40. Cola #5395 he / him DNF 58
    41. TheAranaut #1351 he / him DNF 77
    42. mrmartin #9054 DNF 45
    43. MasterAleks #1550 he / him more Thanks Bizhawk, full crash. Losing way too much progression.... and I was on such a good pace in this seed. DNF 49
    44. Flee #0246 he / him DNF 71
    45. midori #0072 DNF 64
    46. DubuDeccer #0242 more softlocked bc dumb and lost 30 mins oopsy DNF 33
    47. Tepedino #8824 he / him more F. THIS. SEED. DNF 27
    48. Johnny Gameshow #9974 they / them DNF 11
    49. DexterDoes #9771 DNF 11
    50. Rhelys #8068 DNF 188
    51. Xuross #1161 more boring, want deku closed and less hints DNF 20
    52. IvaneroWorld #9917 more El Senderismo DNF 5
    53. Ostrealava02 #4895 more gl bono DNF 163
    54. knxtdoor #5889 he / him DNF 10
    55. kenokeefe #1306 DNF 44
    56. barbu #5807 he / him DNF 24
    57. pen27guin #3335 he / him DNF 31
    58. MGNR28 #6474 DNF 282
    59. NysNyvLaufLort #1264 DNF 324
    60. Top_diesel #5071 he / him DQ 133
  2. scrawny-shiro-5599 OoTR Standard Ruleset Finished recorded 7 entrants
    1. 1st Flouflouche #1934 he / him Finished 10
    2. 2nd Yoyocanari #5635 Finished 8
    3. 3rd PandaCerise #6591 Finished 3
    4. Readrim #6625 DNF 7
    5. TheLightswoord #2757 he / him DNF 3
    6. Meoscend #4467 DNF 426
    7. Ostrealava02 #4895 more rip rip rip DNF 424
  3. smart-wallet-7291 OoT OCS3 Race 13 Finished not recorded 41 entrants
    1. 1st MikeKatz45 #5645 more col3 BAed longshot Finished
    2. 2nd Amateseru #4873 more col 2, Sloth is an amazing guy Finished
    3. 3rd Exodus #5327 he / him more col 3 lost 5 mins on one trick Finished
    4. 4th Timato #9319 he / him more row4 - talked to ruto and darunia ;) Finished
    5. 5th AverageGreg #0911 he / him more col3, probably my best performance overall, very happy with this :) Finished
    6. 6th MooseOoT #5740 he / him more col3, really sloppy Finished
    7. 7th xwillmarktheplace #9143 she / her more col3 Finished
    8. 8th scaramanga he / him more col3 Got the thing where you have to do cuccos twice lol Finished
    9. 9th the__consultant #3076 he / him more col3 i got top 10, that's how you know this was broken Finished
    10. 10th dannyb21892 #9229 more col2, sucks to finish the season with my worst placement Finished
    11. 11th FantaTanked #6752 he / him more row4 Finished
    12. 12th Gombill #4761 he / him more add me to the list of players whose shitty ass play was covered by col3 Finished
    13. 13th PhoenixFeather #0512 he / him more probably my best race this OCS season execution-wise, but apparently row 5 was garbage Finished
    14. 14th ArmorySons #1874 more TL-BR Finished
    15. 15th MutantAura #3128 he / him more col3 my brain didnt work in water Finished
    16. 16th superguerrer3 #9779 more tl-br Finished
    17. 17th QuickKiran #6600 he / him more tl-br. was deciding between this and col3. i choose very poorly. play was decent, maybe 3-4 mins of bad mistakes, but row was so much worse Finished
    18. 18th Bou_Frost #9730 more ROW4 ... not fastest, but pretty nice and easy, lost a few minutes in fire Finished
    19. 19th Fenyan #4871 more tlbr, bad row and various mistakes :/ Finished
    20. 20th Xanra #1593 more row4 picked the wrong row Finished
    21. 21st JFM2796 #9524 he / him more row4 good row, good route, bad gameplay Finished
    22. 22nd tob3000 #4205 he / him more row2, apparently a dogshit row, and adult fishing is impossible, actually, not just because im salty Finished
    23. 23rd PhilippeTitou #1325 he / him more tlbr Finished
    24. 24th Runnerguy2489 #0756 more bltr played fine, add this one to the list of shit rows I guess Finished
    25. 25th PsyMarth #8881 he / him more tl-br; 35th try Treasure Box Shop no Lens Finished
    26. 26th MatttInTheHat #9918 more row4 fuck ! Finished
    27. 27th CoffeePot #0207 he / him more tlbr sloth is my hero Finished
    28. 28th shaggy #1594 more col4 child only, finding chests was a struggle Finished
    29. 29th Link11 #5320 he / him more row4 died to bongo twice and 3 resets in fire Finished
    30. 30th Ostrealava02 #4895 more RIGGED Finished
    31. 31st Numberplay #5236 he / him more retiring (r4 btw) Finished
    32. 32nd ederion #1245 more col3. I fucked around way too long in Water temple. Should have just gone with what I know. Still my first sub 2 hour in OCS, so it's fine. Finished
    33. 33rd Nkitten #7741 he / him more row 5, but very slowly :3 / was hoping for my favourite sign destroying goal, but as I expected the beehives returned instead :) Finished
    34. 34th MarshallObob #6270 more col1, sad for the last OCS Finished
    35. 35th keymakr #8783 more TL-BR, missed c3 and played terrible. Fun board tho. gg all, gl to top 16 Finished
    36. 36th Akalster #3542 more Row 4. Damageless fire temple gang B) Finished
    37. 37th Knighty #4612 he / him more col1 Finished
    38. 38th Fleush more col4 ~ all child yes Finished
    39. 39th Trisscorp #9318 more Col1 Finished
    40. neefe #6884 he / him more tried tlbr without knowing a hp dupe = salt DNF
    41. juwk #1061 more row4 lost over 5mins in fire and 4 in water somehow Pepega DQ
  4. obedient-ganondorf-0036 OoT OCS3 Race 12 Finished not recorded 39 entrants
    1. 1st tob3000 #4205 he / him more pretty bad, went pretty mad Finished
    2. 2nd Amateseru #4873 more child: botw, gtg, colossus, spirit, deku, market, zelda; adult: DC, shadow, botw, ZF, IC, spirit, wasteland, water + morpha, lake, ZD, HF, Ranch Finished
    3. 3rd Exodus #5327 he / him more that was hard but interesting Finished
    4. 4th dannyb21892 #9229 more this challenge was super weird, rewards creativity which is cool Finished
    5. 5th Runnerguy2489 #0756 more what was that dobby? Finished
    6. 6th superguerrer3 #9779 more 14 child 6 adult Finished
    7. 7th PhoenixFeather #0512 he / him more got confused with the tracker and forgot a few on the easy child goals existed. I ended up doing 8 child and 12 adult Finished
    8. 8th AverageGreg #0911 he / him more 7 child, 13 adult, pretty interesting goal Finished
    9. 9th MikeKatz45 #5645 more 10 child / 10 adult Finished
    10. 10th xwillmarktheplace #9143 she / her more 9 child, 11 adult Finished
    11. 11th FantaTanked #6752 he / him more 8 child, 12 adult Finished
    12. 12th juwk #1061 more didn't get botw chus and knew it was bad but not this bad lol Finished
    13. 13th ArmorySons #1874 more 12 child, 8 adult Finished
    14. 14th Nkitten #7741 he / him more 10 child: Deku, BotW, LLR, Fishing, GTG, Colossus, Spirit, DC, Courtyard, Market / 10 adult: DC, Forest, DMC, Ice, LLR, ZD, ZF, Spirit, Wasteland, Ganon Finished
    15. 15th QuickKiran #6600 he / him more 13c. not a fan Finished
    16. 16th Ostrealava02 #4895 Finished
    17. 17th PsyMarth #8881 he / him more massive dumbass and skipped zl, so I had to go adult, 16c/4a Finished
    18. 18th Xanra #1593 more really horrible gameplay, had to go to botw twice cause realized I needed explosives, cool challenge, loved the tracker, very unclear rules 10 child 10 adult Finished
    19. 19th Numberplay #5236 he / him more lots of rust Finished
    20. 20th scaramanga he / him more 0 shits were given lol Finished
    21. 21st keymakr #8783 more 13 child 7 adult, probably my least favorite goal so far :( Finished
    22. 22nd Bou_Frost #9730 more 11 child, 9 adult. really liked that goal for its different kind of goal. probably one of my favourites now Finished
    23. 23rd shaggy #1594 more child only Finished
    24. 24th linky628 #4894 he / him more 11 child, fun goal, but pretty tough Finished
    25. 25th Timato #9319 he / him more 6 child, 14 adult, god awful help me pls Finished
    26. 26th MarshallObob #6270 more 7 as child, routing is hard, forgot Farore for Water Finished
    27. 27th neefe #6884 he / him more 11 child 9 adult; to an extent even the air is salt Finished
    28. 28th Myelin #4803 he / him more 12 child 8 adult, man those hovers are rough Finished
    29. 29th Akalster #3542 more 12 child 8 adult, super salty about 10 mins wasted on haunted wasteland and 15 mins wasted on reverse dot skip to then realize I forgot song of storms. Finished
    30. 30th CoffeePot #0207 he / him more 11c 9a long goal Finished
    31. 31st Phlo #1879 she / her more Child only, fun challenge Finished
    32. 32nd Trisscorp #9318 more 12 first child, 5 first adult + spirit hammer, crater bridge and lake hylia pillar Finished
    33. 33rd Link11 #5320 he / him more 3 child, 17 adult bad decisions were made Finished
    34. 34th Knighty #4612 he / him more 8 child, 12 adult Finished
    35. ederion #1245 more Lost time due to irl stuff and kinda ran out of steam after that. Fun goal though! DNF
    36. haktical #0500 he / him more Did not like this challenge. I was salty at it the whole time, not finishing. DNF
    37. MooseOoT #5740 he / him DNF
    38. Niamek #6871 more not a clear goal & too salty to continue DNF
    39. TheCowness #4859 more VC crash and tired of squinting at my screen to decipher these screenshots. Not a good goal for someone who sits six feet away from their stream PC :\ DNF
  5. gentle-icecavern-4062 OoT OCS3 Race 11 Finished not recorded 42 entrants
    1. 1st Amateseru #4873 more ruto's quest, also I'm bad at weirdshots Finished
    2. 2nd Runnerguy2489 #0756 more Call of Nature (Malon's Quest) - solid route. Could have skipped hovers maybe Finished
    3. 3rd tob3000 #4205 he / him more call of nature Finished
    4. 4th Exodus #5327 he / him more changing rules 30 minutes into the race, not happy Finished
    5. 5th Timato #9319 he / him more malon's quest - keese are dumb Finished
    6. 6th dannyb21892 #9229 more malon's quest, pretty smooth minus some execution mistakes. Finished
    7. 7th ArmorySons #1874 more Malon's quest Finished
    8. 8th FantaTanked #6752 he / him more ruto's quest Finished
    9. 9th PhoenixFeather #0512 he / him more malon - got super fucked by keese Finished
    10. 10th xwillmarktheplace #9143 she / her more Ruto's Quest. Jabu as child. Skipped hover boots, was monkaS when I had to learn to hover over the spikes in water. Decent execution overall. Finished
    11. 11th PsyMarth #8881 he / him more Completed the quest "Cleanse the Waters". Skipped chus but got hovers Finished
    12. 12th superguerrer3 #9779 more ruto quest. Explosiveless jabu Finished
    13. 13th scaramanga he / him more ruto Finished
    14. 14th juwk #1061 more ruto, had to restart ~12-13mins in ReallyHappy Finished
    15. 15th Link11 #5320 he / him more malon's quest, pretty fun goal Finished
    16. 16th the__consultant #3076 he / him more malon's quest, mostly okay besides enter deku, could have skipped goron tunic, oh well Finished
    17. 17th MooseOoT #5740 he / him more ruto's quest, spent 10 minutes looking for an 8th stinger in jabu KEKW Finished
    18. 18th Fenyan #4871 more Ruto's Quest, went pretty YOLO because I've no idea about how many enemies are where, went okay Finished
    19. 19th shaggy #1594 more Ruto's Quest, played really bad Finished
    20. 20th Ostrealava02 #4895 Finished
    21. 21st Xanra #1593 more Call of Nature, good goal idea in concept, lost a shit ton of time due to miscommunication from the dev team Finished
    22. 22nd Lake_oot #5453 he / him more malon's quest Finished
    23. 23rd Gombill #4761 he / him more ruto's quest, got 9 stingers and 12 freezards because i can't count Finished
    24. 24th linky628 #4894 he / him more Ruto's quest, lost like 10 minutes due to very small mistakes that ruined my time of day for a zora skull. Other than that, was good Finished
    25. 25th CoffeePot #0207 he / him more malon's quest, skipped stairs dc skull, spent way too much time in botw Finished
    26. 26th JFM2796 #9524 he / him more malon, overthought this one Finished
    27. 27th QuickKiran #6600 he / him more malon quest, was a big skulltula short :/ Finished
    28. 28th neefe #6884 he / him more ruto's quest Finished
    29. 29th Nkitten #7741 he / him more Malon's Quest - played super safe (lit a bunch of keese on fire in botw, went adult with 9 fire keese & 9 skulltulas), pushed statue in DC because I'm too rusty at hovering and fell 3 times :) Finished
    30. 30th MarshallObob #6270 more Ruto's quest, Fastest OCS so far Finished
    31. 31st Condor #8321 more Ruto Quest: Basically did entirely casual water temple lol Finished
    32. 32nd Bou_Frost #9730 more Malon Route ... i'm impressed how i can play every week worse then the week before Finished
    33. 33rd Myelin #4803 he / him more malon route, played terribly, highlights include falling in the hammer room and missing the platform, dying in fire with a fairy in the wrong bottle, and dying in the bow room Finished
    34. 34th haktical #0500 he / him more Malon's Quest. Why did this quest not have any Lon Lon ranch? Finished
    35. 35th Akalster #3542 more Malon Quest, really liked the goal! Highlights are me dodging a boulder in fire temple on a quarter heart. Finished
    36. 36th Phlo #1879 she / her more Ruto's quest. This was the dumbest routing I've ever done, skipped bombs/hovers. it was hell Finished
    37. 37th Trisscorp #9318 more Zora Quest. Finished
    38. 38th Knighty #4612 he / him Finished
    39. Numberplay #5236 he / him more not a single thing is going right im getting too frustrated to continue DNF
    40. PhilippeTitou #1325 he / him more ????? DNF
    41. TheCowness #4859 DNF
    42. Zombie_God #6552 he / him DNF
  6. epic-dekubaba-4000 OoT OCS3 Race 10 Finished not recorded 45 entrants
    1. 1st juwk #1061 more missed fire to forest, was planning to action swap for amy and fire arrrows, but then just delayed amy and did action swap in hylia only lul Finished
    2. 2nd scaramanga he / him more had to double dip gtg and messed up my route so that i couldn't fire to forest Finished
    3. 3rd Runnerguy2489 #0756 more Went BiT so I could go adult early and think during cs lol Finished
    4. 4th PhilippeTitou #1325 he / him more Frogs 2 is on the way of the hero Finished
    5. 5th PhoenixFeather #0512 he / him more Did back in time for frogs 2. Seemed pretty bad. Finished
    6. 6th MatttInTheHat #9918 more failed fire to forest, 18 pts before going adult Finished
    7. 7th Fenyan #4871 more was so scared that i went adult too early, but it worked out perfectly in the end Finished
    8. 8th Exodus #5327 he / him more lost 10 minutes to fishing because i forgot how stupid it is Finished
    9. 9th Amateseru #4873 more I'm lost without my fboots now Finished
    10. 10th Timato #9319 he / him more was doing gerudo card then realizing i didn't need the tickets KEKW Finished
    11. 11th Xanra #1593 more started late cause I didn't see timer and was reading lol, didn't get chus so had to watch zl cs, went bit for frogs Finished
    12. 12th Lake_oot #5453 he / him more lost 5 minutes trying to get a fish and didnt even get it lol. very sloppy routing, this challenge was hard to keep track of everything Finished
    13. 13th MooseOoT #5740 he / him more YEP minigames Finished
    14. 14th shaggy #1594 more child only 42/40 points, made some huge routing mistakes Finished
    15. 15th superguerrer3 #9779 more FROGS Finished
    16. 16th neefe #6884 he / him more frog route, had to get lens+magic because I don't own an N64 :^) Finished
    17. 17th AverageGreg #0911 he / him more 17 as child, 23 as adult. awful child routing, lost close to 10mins to failing jungle jump Finished
    18. 18th xwillmarktheplace #9143 she / her more Frogs. Was probably bait, watched every cs in the game on English. Did all of GTG to find out it doesn't work without bow, panicked for 5min, got legit bow and went back. Liked the goal, hated my play Finished
    19. 19th Niamek #6871 more terrific goal. I loved it. Finished
    20. 20th ArmorySons #1874 Finished
    21. 21st Link11 #5320 he / him more frog route, gameplay was garbage Finished
    22. 22nd MutantAura #3128 he / him more cs gauntlet Pog Finished
    23. 23rd PsyMarth #8881 he / him more got trolled by bow meme in gtg, so I ocarina dove for the silver rupees Finished
    24. 24th QuickKiran #6600 he / him more bit without frogs was not the play. seriously underestimated how easy six songs was Finished
    25. 25th CoffeePot #0207 he / him more did not play well Finished
    26. 26th Numberplay #5236 he / him more got baited Finished
    27. 27th tob3000 #4205 he / him more child only, finally got the loach, lost 56 minutes from fishing alone Finished
    28. 28th MarshallObob #6270 more Best OCS so far Finished
    29. 29th Condor #8321 more haven't done adult rba in years, how does it work again? lel Finished
    30. 30th keymakr #8783 more Spent 10 minutes trying to catch 2 hylian loaches that I think were dead Finished
    31. 31st Nkitten #7741 he / him more bit much imo Finished
    32. 32nd Myelin #4803 he / him more lost like 20 minutes to cow in house, I will never understand how to get over that last fence Finished
    33. 33rd haktical #0500 he / him more 21 child 19 adult Finished
    34. 34th linky628 #4894 he / him more froggies Finished
    35. 35th Akalster #3542 more 36 Child, 4 Adult, Frogs, I should learn cutscene skips... Finished
    36. 36th Bou_Frost #9730 more routing and I - the love strory feat. dumb WW crash that costed me like 60min Finished
    37. 37th Knighty #4612 he / him Finished
    38. 38th TheCowness #4859 Finished
    39. 39th MLink #8399 he / him more I had a blast, now let me spend my tickets! Finished
    40. 40th Trisscorp #9318 more The carnival closed before I could get any prizes... Finished
    41. dannyb21892 #9229 more locked out of frogs cuz deleted egg. went for loach instead but adult fishing sucks. feedback: goals with so much information that you HAVE to keep referring back are terrible DNF
    42. FantaTanked #6752 he / him DNF
    43. Ostrealava02 #4895 more fishdicks DNF
    44. Skeleton #6404 he / him more Forfeit 3 and half hours in because I only 15 of the goals done and I didn't want to play anymore DNF
    45. the__consultant #3076 he / him more died to volvagia with ba hammer, lol DNF
  7. banzai-leever-5418 OoT OCS3 Race 9 Finished not recorded 45 entrants
    1. 1st Amateseru #4873 Finished
    2. 2nd tob3000 #4205 he / him more child only, was a good route until I didnt have enough explosives for the rest of my route and ran around for minutes doing nothing while my brain was melting Finished
    3. 3rd dannyb21892 #9229 more Somehow managed to do the whole thing with only botw chus DC bomb bag and the crater bomb refill. Accidentally wasted one bomb the whole time and finished with 0 chus 0 bombs monkaOMEGA Finished
    4. 4th Exodus #5327 he / him more i was a bit too conservative on explosives Finished
    5. 5th juwk #1061 more botw chus and dmc refill, so many dumb mistakes after having a power cut lol failed doomjump 3 times, failed skull dupe at the very end and reset, wasted a bomb while bomb perfect and reset KEKW Finished
    6. 6th Runnerguy2489 #0756 more Very conservative...definitely my style lol Finished
    7. 7th PhoenixFeather #0512 he / him Finished
    8. 8th shaggy #1594 more child only, botw chus, bomb bag (30), dmc refill Finished
    9. 9th QuickKiran #6600 he / him more 9 stones/18 skulls as child, 30 bag, dc chest. Sick challenge Finished
    10. 10th ArmorySons #1874 more botw chus, bomb bag 30 as child, and dmc refill. awesome goal! Finished
    11. 11th Xanra #1593 more botw chus, bomb bag 30, crater refill, bought Giant's Knife from muscle mashing so had to get more money ReallyHappy probably didn't need to go adult Finished
    12. 12th MatttInTheHat #9918 more child only, lost a ton of time to not knowing how to clip past KZ without chus Finished
    13. 13th scaramanga he / him more 10 chus, 40 bombs, no boots, no strength Finished
    14. 14th PsyMarth #8881 he / him more child only; lost shield in dmc and savewarped without picking up the bomb chest Finished
    15. 15th Numberplay #5236 he / him more triple dip DC Finished
    16. 16th FantaTanked #6752 he / him more 10 bombs in fire temple (Pepega), 20 in dmc Finished
    17. 17th Fenyan #4871 more bb30 and dmc grotto, lost a lot of time to doing like 6 stones without filled wallet, and a minute to dying to a guay while my final bomb exploded Finished
    18. 18th AverageGreg #0911 he / him more bomb bag 30 and dmc grotto refill, wasn't expecting skulltula routing to be the hard part here Finished
    19. 19th Lake_oot #5453 he / him more child only, probably the most lost ive been in a challenge so far, lots of standing around figuring out what to do next Finished
    20. 20th xwillmarktheplace #9143 she / her more My mind was clouded due to a headache and this was very hard to route. Had 14 chus left in the end (lol) and was too conservative with bombs as well. Route was all over the place. Finished
    21. 21st neefe #6884 he / him more lost 18 minutes to a softlock, but we still have lifdoff Finished
    22. 22nd Bou_Frost #9730 more I really liked this one, only bomb bag and the 20 chest from crater, no extra bombs (got baby strat hammer) Finished
    23. 23rd superguerrer3 #9779 more all child YOLO route Finished
    24. 24th keymakr #8783 more "BiT for bomb upgrade, probably shouldn't have, w/e, was a comfy route but forgot bottle Finished
    25. 25th Nkitten #7741 he / him more fun goal, scary goal, route completely fell apart at the end :P - and then my laptop blue screened when I closed OBS :( at least I was done by then Finished
    26. 26th linky628 #4894 he / him more forgot about the rupee requirement so had to redo 4 gossip stones at the start, but really fun challenge Finished
    27. 27th Phlo #1879 she / her more child only, listened to space oddity on the last one Finished
    28. 28th the__consultant #3076 he / him more child only, i am good at this game i promise kappa Finished
    29. 29th Myelin #4803 he / him more got totally lost at 26 stones, wish i had looked at zeldadungeon earlier Finished
    30. 30th Niamek #6871 more routing is hard, I did as many backtrack as all backtracks of other runners combined Finished
    31. 31st JFM2796 #9524 he / him more 45 minutes lost to a single failed bomb trick Finished
    32. 32nd MarshallObob #6270 more pretty sure I did 31 gossip stones Finished
    33. 33rd CoffeePot #0207 he / him more pretty sure we forgot to count the king zora gossip stone mweep Finished
    34. 34th Link11 #5320 he / him more brutal goal, child only with 40 bomb bag Finished
    35. 35th TheCowness #4859 more HERO LINK to ground control, we have touchdown Finished
    36. 36th Akalster #3542 more Bomb bag 30, dmc refill. Misread the goal at first so had to redo 7 gossip stones because I did not have 99 rupees at the time. Finished
    37. 37th haktical #0500 he / him more child only. awful routing, awful play, multiple resets to accidental drops... oh well Finished
    38. 38th Knighty #4612 he / him Finished
    39. 39th Trisscorp #9318 more I forgot to put on my space tunic Finished
    40. 40th Skeleton #6404 he / him more This was a mess of poor routing, lack of knowledge and overall this was a mess but at least I'm not last Finished
    41. ederion #1245 more Good goal! However, having routed so poorly I have to get 10 skulltulas while having 20 gossip stones done, I don't feel like continuing. Child only, btw. DNF
    42. maedas #6234 DNF
    43. MooseOoT #5740 he / him DNF
    44. Ostrealava02 #4895 more woops I though 199r was maximum for Adult Wallet, b&w tv does help DNF
    45. Timato #9319 he / him more im dumb i collected bombs from grass DNF
  8. pogtastic-knuckle-8435 OoT OCS3 Race 8 Finished not recorded 48 entrants
    1. 1st Exodus #5327 he / him more 6 bosses, 20 hp. great route Finished
    2. 2nd juwk #1061 Finished
    3. 3rd PhoenixFeather #0512 he / him more too many boomer strats Finished
    4. 4th tob3000 #4205 he / him more 5 bosses 24 hps Finished
    5. 5th Runnerguy2489 #0756 more 6 bosses 20 hearts - routing was decent I think Finished
    6. 6th Amateseru #4873 more 3 big mistakes: rushed adult, forgot ranch HP and took bomb bag in DC so no bombchus Finished
    7. 7th QuickKiran #6600 he / him more 6HC (skip fire/spirit, child jabu). Very glad I did 9 hearts in bingo last night Finished
    8. 8th FantaTanked #6752 he / him more 6 hc Finished
    9. 9th dannyb21892 #9229 more 6 sets of hps and 5 dungeons, skipped jabu fire and spirit. tough goal but fun Finished
    10. 10th xwillmarktheplace #9143 she / her more 6 HC 20 HPs. Good routing, bad execution. Needed too many tries to enter jabu, completely messed up Gohma and had to reset, failed GV HPs. Finished
    11. 11th Xanra #1593 more 6 bosses, 20 hps, played decently for once :o cool challenge! Finished
    12. 12th JFM2796 #9524 he / him more I am so mad Finished
    13. 13th scaramanga he / him Finished
    14. 14th Timato #9319 he / him more last heart was super slow. should've routed it better Finished
    15. 15th AverageGreg #0911 he / him more 6 HCs, 20 HPs, horrible routing Finished
    16. 16th Lake_oot #5453 he / him more 6 HCs, 20 HPs, a couple weird mistakes but nothing overly atrocious Finished
    17. 17th MooseOoT #5740 he / him more 24 hps, trainwreck Finished
    18. 18th Link11 #5320 he / him more really cool goal, 6 bosses/20 hps Finished
    19. 19th Fenyan #4871 more 6/20, really unhappy with my play Finished
    20. 20th Gombill #4761 he / him more 6 bosses, i thought i was playing and routing pretty well but i guess i suck Finished
    21. 21st the__consultant #3076 he / him more an exercise in salt, failed deku tree hess once, wasted time on bomb drop rng, missed the gerudo valley hp twice and walked back from hylia, i am salt Finished
    22. 22nd Numberplay #5236 he / him more this challenge had way more objectives than the last and yet people still finish faster. im really confused Finished
    23. 23rd PsyMarth #8881 he / him more went full tilt on 37th after forgetting how to glitchless jump and missed dampe (skipped forest/fire/spirit) Finished
    24. 24th MatttInTheHat #9918 more 6 containers, this game is hard Finished
    25. 25th superguerrer3 #9779 more chocked so hard Finished
    26. 26th shaggy #1594 more child only, 6 HCs ghoma, KD, barinade, PG, morpha, bongo Finished
    27. 27th Myelin #4803 he / him more 5 boss, 24 hp, gohma, KD, Bongo, PG, Morpha, probably should have routed the HPs earlier Finished
    28. 28th MikeKatz45 #5645 more learned boat skip on the fly lol Finished
    29. 29th Bou_Frost #9730 more Hearts are not my forte Finished
    30. 30th linky628 #4894 he / him more kinda wish I started with heart pieces first. overall fun challenge Finished
    31. 31st keymakr #8783 more Trash gameplay, atleast the bottle was worth it for that 1 hp Kappa Finished
    32. 32nd Nkitten #7741 he / him more 6HC, miscounted hearts in intro as i tried to log into tracker (ended up not using it), noticed I needed +1HC and +4HP right before adult > did jabu, played bad - conclusion: had a fun time somehow :3 Finished
    33. 33rd MarshallObob #6270 Finished
    34. 34th CoffeePot #0207 he / him more failed boatkey skip for over ten minutes, never recovered. 6HC/20HP Finished
    35. 35th ederion #1245 more Fuck routing heart pieces. This was a headache, and I already had one. Skipped twin rova and volvagia. Went back in time for 3 last hps. Finished
    36. 36th haktical #0500 he / him more 24hp 5hc, skipped fire/shadow/spirit. barely avoided needing to BiT Finished
    37. 37th Niamek #6871 more Best route ever (not) Finished
    38. 38th TheCowness #4859 more 6 HC / 20 HP Finished
    39. 39th Knighty #4612 he / him Finished
    40. 40th Trisscorp #9318 more 5 HC / 24 HP Finished
    41. 41st Phlo #1879 she / her more 1st place for CHILD ONLY no ZL Kapp. First and last time I do child only YEP Finished
    42. 42nd Skeleton #6404 he / him more 4 Heart Containers, 24 Heart Pieces, 14th Try Dampé Finished
    43. Akalster #3542 more Have some other things to do, and it didn't look like I was going to finish shortly. DNF
    44. ArmorySons #1874 DNF
    45. Ostrealava02 #4895 DNF
    46. silentknight115 #8295 DNF
    47. thundrio #2283 DNF
    48. PhilippeTitou #1325 he / him more 24HP, 5HC DQ
  9. snug-sword-2392 OoT OCS3 Race 6 Finished not recorded 47 entrants
    1. 1st Exodus #5327 he / him more tl-br Finished
    2. 2nd AverageGreg #0911 he / him more col3 Finished
    3. 3rd Runnerguy2489 #0756 more row5 pretty nice - clutched the 1490 lool Finished
    4. 4th MooseOoT #5740 he / him more col 4, terrible execution, minor routing mistakes in child Finished
    5. 5th xwillmarktheplace #9143 she / her more col4, went really well Finished
    6. 6th PhoenixFeather #0512 he / him more row 1 Finished
    7. 7th shaggy #1594 more tl-br had to go adult for 1 fairy fountain Finished
    8. 8th Fenyan #4871 more col4, this was fun! =) Finished
    9. 9th tob3000 #4205 he / him more col2, im worse than I thought Finished
    10. 10th dannyb21892 #9229 more column 2, seemed good, edned up kinda slow Finished
    11. 11th Lake_oot #5453 he / him more tl-br, sloth dont look at my fire temple please Finished
    12. 12th scaramanga he / him more col4 Finished
    13. 13th PsyMarth #8881 he / him more col 2; adult row but my notes only had setups for hitting beehives with chus as child lmao Finished
    14. 14th juwk #1061 more col2 hate goals like this where it's literal gambling on a row and hoping it's fast xd Finished
    15. 15th Link11 #5320 he / him more col4 played it safe, didn't make many mistakes Finished
    16. 16th Nkitten #7741 he / him more TL-BR, I tried to skip bolero cutscene but had a fairy - CAN'T EXPOSE ME IF I EXPOSE MYSELF!! (also think I never used hover boots, as I expected while getting them) Finished
    17. 17th Amateseru #4873 more col2 my chat saved this OCS, had to rethink litteraly everything after MS Finished
    18. 18th the__consultant #3076 he / him more col3 gameplay bad lol Finished
    19. 19th superguerrer3 #9779 more tl-br Finished
    20. 20th MatttInTheHat #9918 more col4 blinkzy strat failed me Finished
    21. 21st Xanra #1593 more tl-br played awfully, had a random vc crash and my sign knowledge wasn't extensive enough Finished
    22. 22nd ArmorySons #1874 more Col 4 Finished
    23. 23rd Gombill #4761 he / him more col4, the only column i found where i was sure i wouldnt be running around like an idiot Finished
    24. 24th Phlo #1879 she / her more col4, routing was poop Finished
    25. 25th Timato #9319 he / him more tlbr - zd domain fairy fountain does not work on my cartridge Finished
    26. 26th QuickKiran #6600 he / him more row3 think this was just a slow row, though child routing was bad Finished
    27. 27th Niamek #6871 more col3, so many backtrack Finished
    28. 28th Ostrealava02 #4895 Finished
    29. 29th haktical #0500 he / him more col3, some janky routing but no major issues Finished
    30. 30th Myelin #4803 he / him more tl-br would have finished ten places higher and 25 minutes earlier if the zoras domain grotto would open Finished
    31. 31st FantaTanked #6752 he / him more col5 Finished
    32. 32nd linky628 #4894 he / him more col3, went back to ice cavern after realising I need iron boots for the boss key chest room in water, only to find out that you don't actually need iron boots... still a fun goal though Finished
    33. 33rd JFM2796 #9524 he / him more row2 slow row I think Finished
    34. 34th CoffeePot #0207 he / him more col4 time to practice boatkey skip Finished
    35. 35th ederion #1245 more Col4 – Finally talking to Gorons as a goal. Anything else is just rude. Finished
    36. 36th MarshallObob #6270 Finished
    37. 37th homerfunky #9088 Finished
    38. 38th Akalster #3542 more TFW you single handedly messed up so bad that you both RBA'd ZL and got it legit because you found out mid-race that an RBA'd ZL does not trigger Saria's song... Finished
    39. 39th Knighty #4612 he / him more col3 Finished
    40. 40th neefe #6884 he / him more col1, getting 1490 was fun Finished
    41. 41st TheCowness #4859 more Col 5, died five or six times to leevers Finished
    42. 42nd Zombie_God #6552 he / him more row 5 I hate anything that has to do with the fortress Finished
    43. 43rd Skeleton #6404 he / him more Row4, Had to redo several minutes because I forgot Bombchus in Bottom of the Well, Cow in House took way too long, Fire was a mess, and I had to go Back in Time to get Epona's song Finished
    44. 44th Trisscorp #9318 more Col3. My big sword can't fit in the pedestal. Finished
    45. Bou_Frost #9730 DNF
    46. Numberplay #5236 he / him more my fucking game crashed and the save got corrupted DNF
    47. West0pher #1532 he / him DQ
  10. snug-hammer-5417 OoT OCS3 Race 5 Finished not recorded 45 entrants
    1. 1st tob3000 #4205 he / him more deku-dc-shadow, swords-tunic-boots, sticks-bomb bag-bullet bag, skipped hookshot and got botw chus for no reason Finished
    2. 2nd Exodus #5327 he / him more deku,dc,shadow. bullet bags,bomb bags,sticks. swords,tunics,boots Finished
    3. 3rd juwk #1061 more failed deku ww and spirit hover kekw Finished
    4. 4th PhoenixFeather #0512 he / him more deku, dc, water - swords, tunics, boots - sticks, bombs, bullet bag - 2014 PF would've been much better at this Finished
    5. 5th ArmorySons #1874 more deku/dc/water (failed shadow cs skip so bailed on that), shields/tunics/boots, fairy spells/bomb bags/bullet bags Finished
    6. 6th dannyb21892 #9229 more deku dc forest, shields, tunics, boots, spells bomb bags, bullet bags. child 2 for dins and bags Finished
    7. 7th Amateseru #4873 more I'm rusty lol Finished
    8. 8th JFM2796 #9524 he / him more Deku/DC/Forest Swords/Shields/Tunics Spells/Slingshot/Bomb Finished
    9. 9th MatttInTheHat #9918 more deku dc forest - swords tunic boots - bomb bag bullet bag quiver - remembering to dmg down for cs skips is really hard Finished
    10. 10th Numberplay #5236 he / him more DC, water, forest - swords, tunics, boots - bombs, seeds, arrows Finished
    11. 11th scaramanga he / him more Mask of Truth BA Finished
    12. 12th superguerrer3 #9779 more all spells, all arrows, bullet bag, (shadow, deku + forest), skipped boots. All the text. Finished
    13. 13th Gombill #4761 he / him more deku, dc, forest, swords, tunics, boots, bombs, bullets, quivers Finished
    14. 14th PhilippeTitou #1325 he / him more deku/forest/water - shields/tunics/boots - bullet bags/spells/arrows -------- rust is real Finished
    15. 15th AverageGreg #0911 he / him more DC/forest/shadow - shields/tunics/boots - spells/bullet bags/quivers - poor routing and choice of items, wish I had considered staying child before i tunnel-visioned adult Finished
    16. 16th Timato #9319 he / him more shadow/forest/water - swords/tunics/shields - spells/bullet bag/quivers - worst fucking rng at the end and very very poor choice in routing and deciding which three to get Finished
    17. 17th xwillmarktheplace #9143 she / her more dc-shadow-forest, shields-tunics-boots, bombbags-bulletbags-quivers. Played ok but lost a ridiculous amount of time to chu bowling rng in the end. I'm very sad. Finished
    18. 18th Fenyan #4871 more Water/Shadow/Forest, Spells/Quiver/Bullet Bag, No Swords - regret getting quivers over arrows, and failed 2/3 cs skips, fml Finished
    19. 19th Phlo #1879 she / her more DC - Forest - Shadow | Shields - Tunics - Boots | Bombs - Bullets - Quivers | Pretty happy with my routing but execution was a little sloppy, still good though :) Finished
    20. 20th Runnerguy2489 #0756 more My triple was: Practice for a hint that meant nothing, comprehend all the intricate quirks of a wordy goal after already making bad choices, and get <1% bomb luck through the race. Good goal tho Finished
    21. 21st MikeKatz45 #5645 more read the goal wrong lmao, did all 4 rows of equipment and only did 1 row of upgrades. If this had been 1 week later I would have dodged it cause I will be busy next week Finished
    22. 22nd neefe #6884 he / him more deku/dc/forest, swords/tunics/boots, bombs/bullets/bows - went back in time for the bomb bag upgrades which was questionable Finished
    23. 23rd QuickKiran #6600 he / him more dc/forest/shadow. no shields. Slingshot/Bombs/Quivers. One for three on cutscene skips, bad minigames, lost 20 minutes on jungle jump, bad routing. Nifty goal, but wish I'd played well Finished
    24. 24th CoffeePot #0207 he / him more deku-dc-forest, tunics-swords-boots, sticks-bombs-bulletbag, had to abandon nuts after realizing running man required beating all three child dungeons. Favorite race so far. Finished
    25. 25th Xanra #1593 more deku,dc,forest,shields,tunics,boots,fairy spells,arrows,bullet bags, wasted 35 mins in shadow trying to boatskip and failed forest cs skip, worst fucking ocs os my life, cool goal though Finished
    26. 26th Myelin #4803 he / him more deku, DC, shadow, swords, boots, tunics, sticks, bombs, seeds, really fun but failed ganondoor twice and reset on botw golden rupee after only 60 rupees Finished
    27. 27th MarshallObob #6270 more It's like the first time in ten years that I got Bombs before Adult, and it was 40 bombs Finished
    28. 28th ederion #1245 more bulletbag/bombs/spells, sword/shields/tunics, deku/shadow/water. Stayed child too long, made stupid mistakes in dc which probably cost like 15 minutes. Still best placing yet. Finished
    29. 29th Nkitten #7741 he / him more Upset with garbage gameplay (even for my low standards) | Deku, DC, Forest / Swords, Tunics, Boots / Spells, Sticks, Bullet Bags Finished
    30. 30th Bou_Frost #9730 more shield/tunic/boot ; arrows/quiver/seed bag ; shadow/forest/water ... played too safe, but no salt Finished
    31. 31st keymakr #8783 more deku/dc/forest, swords/tunics/boots, spells/bombs/quivers. I should really review my RBA tables. Also what did the hint have to do with this? Finished
    32. 32nd linky628 #4894 he / him more bullet bag/sticks/nuts, swords/tunics/boots, deku/dc/jabu Finished
    33. 33rd TheCowness #4859 Finished
    34. 34th Akalster #3542 more Deku/DC/Forest, Swords/Tunics/Boots, Bullet Bag/Bomb Bag/Sticks, Best placement yet :D Finished
    35. 35th shaggy #1594 more what a meme Finished
    36. 36th haktical #0500 he / him more dc,forest,water; shields,tunics,boots; spells,sticks,bomb bags Finished
    37. 37th Knighty #4612 he / him more Deku/DC/Forest, Swords/Tunics/Boots, Bombs/Bullet/Sticks Finished
    38. 38th Link11 #5320 he / him more i can't count to 3 Finished
    39. 39th TheSnarkyLesbian #0814 she / her Finished
    40. 40th Trisscorp #9318 more Deku/DC/Forest, Swords/tunics/shoes, Bomb/Bullet/Quivers Finished
    41. 41st Skeleton #6404 he / him more I initially wasn't planning on doing Ganondoor but I decided on doing it after getting bottle, I spent an hour getting Fire arrows, overall very bad execution in this OCS Race Finished
    42. Menou #8446 more Very good fun OCS ! Thank you for that DNF
    43. MooseOoT #5740 he / him more skipped bottle for some reason DNF
    44. Ostrealava02 #4895 DNF
    45. PsyMarth #8881 he / him more played like shit, don't want to count this DNF