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  1. banzai-leever-5418 OoT OCS3 Race 9 Finished not recorded 45 entrants
    1. 1st Amateseru #4873 Finished
    2. 2nd tob3000 #4205 he / him more child only, was a good route until I didnt have enough explosives for the rest of my route and ran around for minutes doing nothing while my brain was melting Finished
    3. 3rd dannyb21892 #9229 more Somehow managed to do the whole thing with only botw chus DC bomb bag and the crater bomb refill. Accidentally wasted one bomb the whole time and finished with 0 chus 0 bombs monkaOMEGA Finished
    4. 4th Exodus #5327 he / him more i was a bit too conservative on explosives Finished
    5. 5th juwk #1061 more botw chus and dmc refill, so many dumb mistakes after having a power cut lol failed doomjump 3 times, failed skull dupe at the very end and reset, wasted a bomb while bomb perfect and reset KEKW Finished
    6. 6th Runnerguy2489 #0756 more Very conservative...definitely my style lol Finished
    7. 7th PhoenixFeather #0512 he / him Finished
    8. 8th shaggy #1594 more child only, botw chus, bomb bag (30), dmc refill Finished
    9. 9th QuickKiran #6600 he / him more 9 stones/18 skulls as child, 30 bag, dc chest. Sick challenge Finished
    10. 10th ArmorySons #1874 more botw chus, bomb bag 30 as child, and dmc refill. awesome goal! Finished
    11. 11th Xanra #1593 more botw chus, bomb bag 30, crater refill, bought Giant's Knife from muscle mashing so had to get more money ReallyHappy probably didn't need to go adult Finished
    12. 12th MatttInTheHat #9918 more child only, lost a ton of time to not knowing how to clip past KZ without chus Finished
    13. 13th scaramanga he / him more 10 chus, 40 bombs, no boots, no strength Finished
    14. 14th PsyMarth #8881 he / him more child only; lost shield in dmc and savewarped without picking up the bomb chest Finished
    15. 15th Numberplay #5236 he / him more triple dip DC Finished
    16. 16th FantaTanked #6752 he / him more 10 bombs in fire temple (Pepega), 20 in dmc Finished
    17. 17th Fenyan #4871 more bb30 and dmc grotto, lost a lot of time to doing like 6 stones without filled wallet, and a minute to dying to a guay while my final bomb exploded Finished
    18. 18th AverageGreg #0911 he / him more bomb bag 30 and dmc grotto refill, wasn't expecting skulltula routing to be the hard part here Finished
    19. 19th LiterallyLake #3658 he / him more child only, probably the most lost ive been in a challenge so far, lots of standing around figuring out what to do next Finished
    20. 20th xwillmarktheplace #9143 she / her more My mind was clouded due to a headache and this was very hard to route. Had 14 chus left in the end (lol) and was too conservative with bombs as well. Route was all over the place. Finished
    21. 21st neefe #6884 he / him more lost 18 minutes to a softlock, but we still have lifdoff Finished
    22. 22nd Bou_Frost #9730 more I really liked this one, only bomb bag and the 20 chest from crater, no extra bombs (got baby strat hammer) Finished
    23. 23rd superguerrer3 #9779 more all child YOLO route Finished
    24. 24th keymakr #8783 more "BiT for bomb upgrade, probably shouldn't have, w/e, was a comfy route but forgot bottle Finished
    25. 25th Nkitten #7741 he / him more fun goal, scary goal, route completely fell apart at the end :P - and then my laptop blue screened when I closed OBS :( at least I was done by then Finished
    26. 26th linky628 #4894 he / him more forgot about the rupee requirement so had to redo 4 gossip stones at the start, but really fun challenge Finished
    27. 27th Phlo #1879 she / her more child only, listened to space oddity on the last one Finished
    28. 28th the__consultant #3076 he / him more child only, i am good at this game i promise kappa Finished
    29. 29th Myelin #4803 he / him more got totally lost at 26 stones, wish i had looked at zeldadungeon earlier Finished
    30. 30th Niamek #6871 more routing is hard, I did as many backtrack as all backtracks of other runners combined Finished
    31. 31st JFM2796 #9524 he / him more 45 minutes lost to a single failed bomb trick Finished
    32. 32nd MarshallObob #6270 more pretty sure I did 31 gossip stones Finished
    33. 33rd CoffeePot #0207 he / him more pretty sure we forgot to count the king zora gossip stone mweep Finished
    34. 34th Link11 #5320 he / him more brutal goal, child only with 40 bomb bag Finished
    35. 35th TheCowness #4859 more HERO LINK to ground control, we have touchdown Finished
    36. 36th Akalster #3542 more Bomb bag 30, dmc refill. Misread the goal at first so had to redo 7 gossip stones because I did not have 99 rupees at the time. Finished
    37. 37th haktical #0500 he / him more child only. awful routing, awful play, multiple resets to accidental drops... oh well Finished
    38. 38th Knighty #4612 he / him Finished
    39. 39th Trisscorp #9318 more I forgot to put on my space tunic Finished
    40. 40th dot #3659 he / they more This was a mess of poor routing, lack of knowledge and overall this was a mess but at least I'm not last Finished
    41. ederion #1245 more Good goal! However, having routed so poorly I have to get 10 skulltulas while having 20 gossip stones done, I don't feel like continuing. Child only, btw. DNF
    42. maedas #6234 they / them DNF
    43. MooseOoT #5740 he / him DNF
    44. Ostrealava02 #4895 more woops I though 199r was maximum for Adult Wallet, b&w tv does help DNF
    45. Timato #9319 he / him more im dumb i collected bombs from grass DNF